What is Natural Medicine?

Posted by Dr. Leia Melead on Oct 13, 2008 in Healing Modalities |

This site is devoted to natural medicine and hopefully, will introduce you to the world of Complementary and Alternative medicine (CAM).

Holistic medicine is different from allopathic or regular medicine in that we believe in the healing power of nature, and we strive to work in conjunction with nature and the body’s own innate healing abilities and its immune system. The keynote here is to assist and strengthen the body’s natural defense mechanisms rather than to destroy or mask or palliate the problem by merely removing or suppressing the symptoms. The body produces symptoms to warn us that there is something wrong, and we should pay attention to these warning signals, rather than suppress them.

Unfortunately, many people come to visit a Naturopathic doctor or Acupuncturist as a last resort because all else has failed to help them. Still, time after time, natural medicine rises to the occasion and indeed, does make a difference to the weary, searching patient. Now, armed with determination to get well, the person is usually willing to do whatever it takes to get better, and this may even mean a disciplined regimen of taking supplements regularly or watching what one eats on a daily basis, or having acupuncture treatments each week on a regular basis. It may take discipline, but the end results of vibrant, glowing health are well worth the effort.

“My commitment to healing is based upon the premise that the body heals itself if given the right environment and stimuli and if the treatment takes place on all levels–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.”

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